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We’re living for purposes.

When you were born to this earth and growing as Human, you’ve been through many experiences both positive and negative. Because there were processes to awaken you to find your Higher Self/Real Soul to do the right thing on the right path. We all are creations who has free soul with unique freewill destiny.

2020-2023 is the awakening era to transform human’s life. It started since June 21, 2020 till March 8, 2023. People who live on the right path will grow beautifully. But, who doesn’t will struggling with the past. It’s the meaningful period of life to find your talents, clean your shadow self and be your authentic true. Shading your own skin to the person who you are meant to be. Be mindful and having awareness of energy shifting.

We could live the way we want 100%. Recognizing your energetic level by Deep dive into Spirituality is the gateway leading you along your soul journey finding the best solutions for you easily.

Even we can’t choose our birth. But, Life needs to lead by your actions, Not only fate. It is your choice how to live your life and deal with it. 💯

My Productivities;

World Clients (ENG., USD Accepted)
(2019-Present : Online Services)

Thai Clients (TH, THB Accepted)
(2019 – Present | Online Services)

Nov 2019 – Sep 2022

  1. Existing Online Courses;
    1. Using Tarot in Daily Life
    2. Divine Message via Oracle Cards
    3. How to be Tarot Reader
    4. Card Reader (Advanced)
    5. Western Astrology (Basic)
    6. Western Astrology (Advanced)
    7. Deep Wounds Healing
    8. 7 Chakras Balancing
    9. Energy Recharge
    10. Awakening Life
    11. How to Unlock Single Life
    12. How to Create Self Love
  2. eBook Bestseller | Speaker in 25th National Book Fair in Bangkok, Thailand; ปัจจุบันที่ดีและมีความสุข (Happy Present); Launched in 2020, เส้นทางความรัก (Love Journey); Launched in 2020, วิธีสู่การตื่นรู้ (Awakening Era); Launched in July 2021
  3. Before I Convert | ซีรีย์องค์ความรู้ จัดทำก่อนรับศาสนาอิสลาม (ช่วงเปลี่ยนถ่าย)

In 2021, I was stayed in Dubai for 1 year that was giving me a lot of experiences of Arab and Islamic Culture. Inshallah, Allah is giving me the wisdom of life and how to be the light to shine brightly since December 2021. After I read Quran; The Holy Book twice during the first 7 months of 2022. The messages of God was giving me the truth and life answers. It was triggering me to open my heart to Islam. Then, I choose to convert to be a Muslim and enter Islam Way of Living since September 21, 2022 in Dubai, UAE.
That will completely change my life. I am starting to learn Arabic to understand original language of Quran. And I have strong plans to learn more Arabic and Islam as a Professional to be an Influencer for New Converter especially Asian Women who would like to accept Islam as I had experiences before.

Oct 2022 Onwards [Healing at Earth]

Free Healing Contents

YouTube: Healing at Earth

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Life Change หนังสือเสียงการตอบรับเสียงเรียกจากพระเจ้า (Answering the call from God) จำนวน 23 Videos [Free]

Phoenix Rising Up | Online Course โปรแกรมเปลี่ยนชีวิตระดับสูง (การันตีผลลัพธ์) The Master Course of “YOU”

Meditation Class | Weekly Practicing via Zoom (Private/Group)

Jan 2023 Onwards [Islam Era]

vlog about New Muslim Convert, Life Experiences around The World

www.IslamEra.Info (Eng./Th./Ar.)

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Past Experiences 2019 – 2022

Past Experiences 2022

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