Fortune Guidance

was a YouTube Channel that was created as a spiritual healing channel in Thai using Tarot cards, Oracle cards and spiritual tools. It was very well known in Thailand during Covid time and helped many people in their transition period of life. 

Fortune Guidance was invited to work with many corporations such as Line Official Thailand, JOOK Thailand, SE-ED Thailand, True ID Thailand, Club Sister, HUBBA, Bundanjai, etc. Also, to be an influenced writer at The 25th National Book Expo Thailand 2020 to launch eBooks; Happy Present ปัจจุบันที่ดีและมีความสุข and Love Journey เส้นทางความรัก at Impact Arena (IMPACT). 

14.11.2019 - 10.8.2022


14 = Healing

11 = Balancing

2019 = Announced Awakened Light Worker 


10 = Change

8 = to Unlimited Source

2022 = For Massive Spiritual Awakening

Honestly, It was very fun and I have a lot of gratitude and amazing memories. Thank you very much for all of your support. It’s the right time to move forward and go with the flow by transitioning to “Healing at Earth”.

Sun 5th House 29°10’ in Pisces: I was born to be a spiritual healer using my creative ideas and life experiences to drive people to change their life for the better, the happier, the wealthier and the believers by self development processes; spiritual awakening, meditation and contemplation. 

NN 5th House 23°00’ in Pisces (Retrograde): I have strong spiritual gifts to make lives more joyful. 

Mercury 4th House 4°13’ in Pisces: I am a grounding spiritual healer with influential charisma, communication skills and technological skill updated for life's transformation in the way of GOD.

Moon 6th House 19°41’ in Aries: The Moon in the sixth house indicates a reliable person who provide services to other people. Aries also influenced me to solve problems faster than natural.  The 19°41’ angle means a life worker who could master her own life and love to create new things.

New Moon 20°30’ also represents the creative person who always share positive visions by nature for encouragement purpose. 

ASC 1st House 5°23’ in Scorpio: People with Scorpio on the ascendant need to fight against destructive power in their life; I have been through many challenges that help me awakened for my soul missions.  The 5°23’ angle calculates as the master number 55 that means Life Master who could teach people from own knowledge and experiences. 

Pluto (R) 1st House 12°15’ in Scorpio: Pluto in Scorpio supports me to able to reveal the unknown. The 12°15’ angle means having self realisation, strong intuitions and able to filter toxicity and bad vibes easily. 



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