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We have all experienced The Awakening Era which occurred in 2019-2023. Now we are living in The Technology Era; since Pluto transitioned to Aquarius in March 24, 2023 for 20 years. Then, Pluto will move into Pisces from 9 March 2043 till 18 June 2066 for 23 years.

Planet Energy definitely effects people all over our world; The Beautiful Amazing Planet Earth. Pluto was created for massive long term transformation that will drive humanity along this period of time to be more creative and spiritual. Always prepare for The Greatest Life, All you need is Universal Wisdom. 

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About Me

Chotiros Chaisupwajeelerd

I experienced my Spiritual Awakening in 2019 when I was 31 using 7 Chakra Balancing Method, Self Meditation and Contemplation that lead me to find my Higher Self, Life Purpose and Soul Mission. Healing at Earth was created for Spiritual Purposes; Guiding People to awaken their Souls, Channelling Higher Knowledge, Universal Wisdom and the Creator's Messages. I'm truly God's Messenger, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Master, Soul Traveller and Free Spirit experiencing a Human Body. | Peace, Healing at Earth


  • 13 Years Sales and Marketer
  • 13 Years Speaker
  • 5 Years Entrepreneur
  • 5 Years Social Influencer
  • 5 Years Writer (Best Seller)
  • 5 Years Spiritual Master

Spiritual Master

  • 4 eBooks/Books
  • 1 eAudio Book
  • 19 Online Courses
  • Meditation Class
  • Healing Workshops
  • Private Consulting

Speaker and Writer

  • Thai National Book Seminar
  • Work with Cooperates
  • Line, SE-ED, Ookbee, MEB
  • Fortune Guidance
  • Healing at Earth
  • Souls.Academy

Sales and Marketer

  • Digital Services
  • Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Customer Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Physical Shop

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